Appetizers and Bar Chow


Chorizo and Gambas Al Ajillo (Large shrimp sautéed with chorizo, and a dash of paprika)300.00

Beef and Mushrooms Salpicao (Beef tenderloin medallions sautéed garlic and mushroom, and dash of paprika)– 220.00

Steak Habanero (Beef salpicao smothered in our very own gravy, topped with jalapenos and corn)– 220.00

Sizzling Corn with Parsley (Buttered corn seasoned with parsley leaves)120.00

Garlic Shrooms (Button mushrooms sautéed with garlic, bell peppers, and our secret spices) – 130.00

3 Cheese Baked Aubergine (Aubergine topped with cheddar, mozzarella and Parmesan cheese. Baked)165.00

Chorizo Fundido (Sautéed chorizo chunks topped with thick, melted cheese) 260.00

Sausage and Fries (Grilled Hungarian sausage, with a siding of fries) 200.00

Pan Seared Ahi Tuna (Tuna fillet smoked to perfection )310.00

3- Sausage Platter (A Plateful of barbequed sausages especially created for the meat lovers. Hungarian. Italian. Bratwurst)385.00

Smoked Salmon (Salmon Fillet strips, smoked to perfection) 320.00



Cracklin Crablets (Succulent soft shelled baby crabs dipped in Rhum, and lathered with our very own spicy breading) – 150.00

Tuna Sisig (Tuna, onion, and green chili) – 180.00

Pork Sisig (The classic Filipino favorite. Served extra crispy) – 170.00

Spicy Spareribs (Fried pork spareribs in our secret hot and spicy breading) – 170.00

Calamari Romana (Squid rings in our light and fluffy breading, dipped in the classic marinara sauce) – 195.00

Potato Wedges (Wedges of potato, with our own take on aioli) – 120.00

Fish Crispers (Fish tenders dipped in our beer batter, deep fried to a golden brown. Comes with a healthy serving of potato wedges) – 200.00

Nacho Libre (A basketful of nachos generously topped with ground beef, nacho cheese, peppers, onions, and our very own salsa) – 200.00

Crispy Shrimp Bites (Shrimps in our hot and spicy breading, fried to a crisp) – 235.00

Chicken Fingers (Golden brown chicken crisps served with our honey mustard sauce, and a handful of potato wedges) – 165.00

Kilawing Blue Marlin (Raw blue marlin cubes soaked in vinegar, topped with onions, ginger, and red and green chilis) – 190.00

Adobo Bits (Shredded bits of classic pork adobo made crispier for you) – 150.00

Chicharoni (Plantation-style chicharon. Deep fried pork skin seasoned with salt, pepper, and spices)– 150.00

Cereal Crusted Chicken Fingers (Chicken strips breaded with crusted corn flakes) – 160.00

Onion Rings (Deep fried onion rings in our own spicy breading) – 120.00